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Tax Planning and Consulting

Our firm takes great pride in its ability to provide reliable guidance to our clients in all areas of tax law and regulation on the local, state, federal and international levels. We offer informed tax strategies based on our experience as well as a wealth of technical resources and capabilities to analyze any business structure for its tax advantages and disadvantages.

We offer sound advice on the tax compliance ramifications for corporations, S-corporations, LLC’s and sole proprietorships as well as year-end financial strategies.

We provide expert advice to our clients on how they are affected by the constant changes in the tax codes and any opportunities they may provide.

We are also proud to stand behind the accuracy and integrity of our work, by providing comprehensive tax examination support whenever necessary.

Services Include

   ●  Tax Services - Preparation of income tax projections and tax returns; correspondence with various governmental agencies regarding returns and estimated income tax payments; guidance on structuring tax-motivated transactions; analysis of transactions for income tax risk; calculation of taxable annual fringe benefit amounts; and estate planning advice on wills, life insurance, gifts and business transition.

   ●  Tax Representation - Income, estate and sales, gift and unemployment tax audits; IRS and other tax agency collection issues.

   ●  Transactional Consultation - Analysis of the ramifications of various types of transactions including buying, selling and merging businesses; the receipt of compensation, including stock options; the purchasing of investments; and out-of-state income and sales tax issues.

   ●  Corporate Consultation - Registering or terminating activity in a particular state; managing out-of-state or multi-jurisdictional tax risks.

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