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Funds Resourcing

Mayer Rispler provides expert advice and assistance for businesses with regard to acquiring funds and managing banking relationships. Our firm has a strong relationship with major banks and asset-based lenders, which allows our professionals to match the strengths of a company with the financing source that is truly the best fit. We understand that in facilitating a banking relationship, one must look at more than just the numbers.

Each lender and business has its own unique style of negotiating and doing business. We pride ourselves on our ability to sense those types of intangible similarities between our clients and banks. We strive to create smooth personal interaction between company and bank by researching and understanding the business styles of both.

Our excellent relationship with many banks and lenders enables us to identify the most appropriate lender, custom-tailor financing packages, assist with the loan negotiations as needed by our clients and smooth their personal interactions with the funding resource.

Services Include

   ●  Finance Resources & Alternatives - Helping clients to identify available sources for raising and managing funds and evaluating which ones best suit their needs.

   ●  Bank Relationships - Managing and refining our clients’ relationships with their banks and lenders over time.

   ●  Loan Document Review & Negotiation - Using our expertise to clarify and negotiate loan agreements.

   ●  Deal Structuring & Negotiation - Reviewing offered terms and ratios and assisting our clients to negotiate wise deals.

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