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Estate & Wealth Protection

Another specialty of our firm is the one-on-one personalized guidance we provide to our clients to help them build and preserve their personal wealth to meet their individual goals. These include the development of a comprehensive strategy encompassing long and short-term tax, retirement and estate planning based on the client’s needs and situation.

We will work with each client to assemble the pieces of their personal financial puzzle into a clear roadmap to guide them to well-defined and achievable financial goals. This will include guidance for investments, the establishment of special funds for education or other personal needs and analysis of fringe benefits and other factors needed to provide a comprehensive personal financial picture.
While we deal primarily with numbers, organizations, rules and regulations, we never forget that behind them all, providing the drive for success and growth are the hopes and dreams of our clients.

Services Include

   ●  Estate/Gift Planning - Assisting clients in deciding where their assets will go and how the transfers will take place. Helping clients to determine the most cost-effective method of relocating assets.

   ●  Succession Planning - Helping clients to develop a practical plan to smoothly transfer control of their businesses and setting that process of succession into action.

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