BDO Alliance USA

Certified public Accountants


Management / Business Consulting

We help each client to identify strengths and weaknesses on an ongoing basis, as well as hidden areas with growth potential, in order to maximize profits and address any problems, real or potential, at the earliest possible time.

Our accounting, management and consulting services are flexible, keyed to the current needs of the business and its principles. This includes taking an active role in your business and serving not only as your advisor, but also as your advocate. It means assisting you with long-range planning and always looking out for your best interests. It means being there to answer the tough questions and telling you what we really think, not just what you’d like to hear.

Our outstanding client services is the result of the ongoing involvement of our staff of highly qualified professionals, who have specializations in a range of fields, who are continually engaged in professional education.

We evaluate our clients’ employee benefits and all other factors which affect the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

When our clients ask us, “How can we improve our bottom line?” We provide them with insights and expert advice in such areas as marketing, pricing, delivery and operations designed to help them increase revenues, minimize operating expenses and enhance efficiency.

Our firm takes a special interest in helping our clients to achieve their goals, out of the knowledge that our growth is dependant upon their success.

Services Include

   ●  Long-range planning
   ●  Establishment of internal controls
   ●  Assistance with budgeting and cash flow management
   ●  Recommendations to reduce operating expenses and enhance efficiency
   ●  Advice on increasing revenues

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