BDO Alliance USA

Certified public Accountants


Industry Specialists

We make a special effort to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ specialized needs, based upon the general nature of their business, as well as any individual requirements unique to a particular client. We then tailor our services accordingly to put us in a position to provide our clients with a broad spectrum of services meeting their basic accounting needs and an expert, analytical overview of their business and financial condition. This includes specific, practical and objective financial advice, as well as the best approach to a range of short and long-term management issues, based upon a thorough understanding of the particular field or business they are in.

Diversified Clientele

Our diversified clientele spans a broad spectrum of businesses and industries including:

   ●  Manufacturing
   ●  Health Insurance Administration
   ●  Food Industry
   ●  Garment Industry
   ●  Precious Metals and Jewelry
   ●  Industrial Goods
   ●  Automotive
   ●  Distributors
   ●  Retail
   ●  Export/Import
   ●  Real Estate
   ●  Hospitality
   ●  Personal Services
   ●  Not-For-Profit

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