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Certified public Accountants


Accounting & Auditing

The heart of our service is a rigorous dedication to providing accurate financial statements and thorough audits of specific areas of operations using the most efficient, time tested and cost-effective methods.

Working in close cooperation with our client’s accounting department, we will evaluate internal controls and develop a specially tailored audit to meet the requirements of the outside bank or financial institution requiring the audit, while maximizing the audit’s internal value to the client.

We will assist in-house staff in supporting, maintaining and getting the most from the organization’s existing manual or automated accounting systems and recommend improvements to those systems wherever necessary.

We are duly proud of our professional reputation, having consistently passed peer review with an unqualified opinion.

Services Include

   ●  Audit Reviews and Compilations - Niche expertise for many industries, including: Manufacturing, Retail, Distributors, Personal Services, Export/Import, Real Estate, Hospitality and Non-Profit Organizations.

   ●  Recruiting - Interview and screen potential candidates for Controller, Accounting Manager, Bookkeeping and CFO positions.

   ●  Due Diligence - Examine books and records of potential acquisition, assist in determining “strategic fit,” fair price and structure (asset vs. stock, etc.).

   ●  Collateral Examination - Secure lenders, test inventory, review accounts receivable and perform analytical assessments.

   ●  Corporate Structure Documentation and Review - Interview client personnel to accurately document organizational structure and job responsibilities and recommend changes and/or reassignments.

   ●  Financing Assistance - Utilizing our contacts in the funding resource community to obtain new or more favorable financing terms for our clients.

   ●  Forecast and Projections - Assist and/or prepare financial projections using a fully integrated model with detailed assumptions.

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